Good Location

Guests stayed at our hotel for business

  • "I stayed at this hotel for business. The hotel was at the center of the business district. It only took a few minutes to reach the office. So I didn't have to wake up early in the morning and I got a good night's sleep."
  • "I came to Hiroshima for sales. All the destinations were close enough to walk to from the hotel. So I didn't waste time and could visit many places."
  • "The hotel is near Kamiyacho and I could walk everywhere without paying extra transportation fares. I could actually save on a business trip budget."
  • "The hotel is close to the Astram Line station and the streetcar stop. So, it didn't take much time to get around and I saved time. It's weird to say this, but I could cover the hotel fee with the savings in transportation fares..."
  • "I flew to Hiroshima and used a limousine bus to get downtown from the airport. The bus terminal, Hiroshima Bus Center was close and it only took 5 minutes to the hotel on foot. I was so tired but it was so easy to go back to the airport.
  • "I went to Hiroshima in the summer heat of August. But it took only a few minutes to get to the hotel from the station. So I didn't have to sweat a lot, walking to the hotel. I'm working in the beauty industry. So it was helpful that I didn't have to fix my makeup because I didn't sweat."
  • "I went to Hiroshima on business, but I was wondering if I could see some sightseeing spots, too. And I heard that Peace Park and the A-bomb Dome are only a 3-minute walk, and I could walk there on the morning of the check out day. I felt I got an extra advantage staying at this hotel."

Guests stayed at our hotel for sightseeing

  • "I go to Hiroshima for the memorial ceremony on August 6th every year. It is midsummer and the temperature usually reaches almost 30 degrees (Celsius). However, this hotel is only a 2-minute walk from the Park and I can participate in the ceremony without being exhausted."
  • "I came to Hiroshima by car. But this hotel was close enough to walk to Peace Park and A-bomb Dome. So I didn't have to pay for extra parking."
  • "My family used this hotel when we visited Hiroshima to cheer the Hiroshima-based baseball team at a game. I was with my kids, but access to the stadium from this hotel was good and my kids didn't become whiny. That was so helpful. "
  • "I visited Hiroshima for the first time. I hadn't planned much, but there were so many shopping districts and sightseeing spots near the hotel. So I didn't even have enough time to see them all."
  • "I came to Hiroshima to go to a concert at Green Arena. I danced a lot at the concert and was tired, but it was easy to return to the hotel because it was just a 10 minute walk!"
  • "I participated in a bodybuilding competition at the Prefectural Culture Hall. This hotel was only a 3 minute walk from the hall, so I could be relaxed right before the competition. Actually I was too relaxed and forgot to bring something to the competition. But the hotel was close enough to go back and get the stuff. It was great that the hotel was so near the hall."
  • "Most of Hiroshima's sightseeing spots are in the city center, including Hiroshima Castle, Peace Park, the A-bomb Dome, Shukkeien Garden, and the Art Museum. I could visit all of them on foot. So I could visit more places than I originally planned. I felt good about it."


  • "The staff at the front desk were nice. They remembered my name and I felt as if I was special there."
  • "It was my first trip to Hiroshima and didn't know how to get around. But the staff kindly isntructed me how to get where I wanted to go. Their service was too great for the fee."
  • "Unlike other hotels, this hotel has younger staff at the front desk. I could see them trying so hard and it was kind of cute."
  • "They carried a parcel, which was delivered to me at the hotel, to my room. It was almost 20 kg, so it was so helpful because I didn't have to carry it to my room. "
  • "I went to Hiroshima alone and didn't know where I should eat. But they told me about lots of good restaurants. I went to a restaurant recommended by staff at the front desk. I was so happy with the delicious and reasonable meal there."
  • "I could use a laundry machine for free there. That was really helpful as a guest who stays at the hotel for a long business trip."
  • "I knew that they had started renting PCs. When I forgot to bring my PC on my trip, I could rent their PC and it was so helpful."
  • "I could use comfortably use the internet to kill time at night."
  • "I usually stay comfortably at this hotel. But today, let me say two things. One is that the vending machine on the first floor sells only Asahi Super Dry. According to the website, Kirin beer was available and I had bought it before. And the price increased to 210 yen to 200 yen. It was shocking for me. (I prefer Kirin to Asahi Super Dry.) Another thing is that the air conditioner was not set to heat although it was cold in the morning. Otherwise things were nice and satisfying, including the Halloween treats which they gave me unexpectedly."


  • "It looked a bit old, but clean and well kept."
  • "I used a semi-double room alone. The ceiling was high, so the room felt spacious and relaxing."
  • "I felt that the bathroom was a little small. But the bathtub was deep and I could soak my body comfortably. As a woman, that was really nice."
  • "The toothbrush and hairbrush were both cute. The toothbrush's brush part was small, so it was easy to brush my teeth because I have a small head."
  • "I stayed on the 10th floor and could see all of Peace Park from the window in my room. I thought that the park was quite big."
  • "I could boil water in the room. It was nice to eat instant ramen in the room."
  • "I couldn't sleep because of the snoring in the next room. I think the wall is too thin."


  • "There are many restaurants around the hotel. I didn't have any problem finding a good place for dinner."
  • "I came to Hiroshima for shopping. The biggest shopping mall in Hiroshima was near the hotel, so I could shop a lot. I even came back to the hotel twice to unload the things I bought."
  • "I went to Miyajima by a boat which took off from the pier near the hotel. It was so convenient to go to Miyajima directly. I used a street car to return to the hotel. It was nice to see Hiroshima from both ground and sea."
  • "The neighbourhood around the hotel was quiet, so I could sleep well."