At our hotel, the staff's basic motto is

"Act, thinking of the guest's needs and happiness as your own!"
"Meeting guests is wonderful! We put the highest value we can on meeting our guests!

This motto is based on our wish to lead wonderful lives through meeting our guests and working with other staff, as well as in our private lives.

When you visit our HOTEL PARK SIDE, please don't hesitate to bring your questions to our hotel staff.

We hope to communicate as much as possible with our guests!

Front Desk Staff

Manager, Mr. Oshita

We provide hospitality to all our guests so they can enjoy a great stay with us.

Our hotel's strength is the warm, relaxed atmosphere. The staff is friendly and easy to talk to. We have many fans among our regular customers, and they often give us good feedback.
In addition to front desk duties, I'm in charge of maintaining good working conditions for staff. I rely on feedback from both staff and guests to keep things running smoothly. Our staff are passionate about their work. Their own suggestions about changes and improvements are quickly adopted, so we all enjoy working for our customers.
We also aim to become a hotel with defined values, so that customers will say, "It was nice to stay here." By offering great plans and services that are competitive with other hotels, we strive to win high evaluations from guests on word-of-mouth websites. So we'll continue offering great popular plans.

Ms. Matsushima

We'll welcome you like family, through our staff teamwork.

Many of our guests ask me questions at the front desk. I'm careful to confirm my answers to avoid giving wrong information. I also try to add some extra information whenever handling customer questions, because I think that would be nice if I were a guest.
Our hotel's charm is the family-style welcome we extend to our guests. We can create that kind of atmosphere because all our staff share the same vision. Our teamwork is great!
The best part of the job for me is hearing the words, "thank you" from a guest. It doesn't have to be direct. It can be a positive comment on a word-of-mouth website, and we get a lot of those. Whenever we receive those comments, it motivates us to make our hotel even better.
Even when I'm very busy, I try to show a calm face to customers, and provide smooth, efficient and timely service. I want to be kind, cheerful front desk staff!

Mr. Takatsuki

We want to make our hotel even friendlier, and win more fans!

I have worked in the hospitality industry for a long time. Working at the front desk of the hotel is the culmination of my career. I always try to create a friendly atmosphere, so that guests feel they can approach us without hesitation, not only at check-in and out but at any time. Of course, a smile is the key to good hospitality.
Our hotel's appeal is its warm and friendly atmosphere. I do my best to meet all our customers' requests. By showing such an attitude, I hope to make more fans for our hotel. Even off duty and out of uniform, I always greet customers warmly when I meet them. And sometimes, they say hello to me. That kind of communication makes me so happy to work at this hotel.
Maintaining a balance between politeness and friendliness while providing service to our customers, we hope customers will love our hotel. My goal is to acquire more cans, and more feelings of gratitude, among our customers.

Mr. Moriyasu

My advantage is a stock of knowledge gathered by actually visiting places and checking them.

In addition to working on the front desk, I'm in charge of making accommodation plans for online reservations. My work is most rewarding when my plans are selected and we receive more reservations.
To help guide customers to their destinations, I walk around town myself, noting landmarks and investigating new restaurants and shops so that I can provide accurate, timely information to our customers. Depending on the customer's purposes, whether business, sightseeing, or attending events, I always seek out the most useful information for our customers.
Our hotel's main advantage is a friendly staff. All staff, including the president, get along well. I think customers notice our friendly, collegial atmosphere. I'll also make more accommodation plans for women to attract more women customers to our hotel!

Mr. Shimizu

I love hospitality work, so I remember all our customers' names and faces!

anywhere around town, and our customers stay with us for a variety of reasons including sightseeing and events as well as business. With such a diversity of customers staying at our hotel, I try to communicate with everyone. I love talking with people, so I enjoy discussing various topics with our customers and I learn a lot through those conversations.
I'm especially good at remembering our customers' names and faces. When I bumped into one of our customers, I called him by name and he was so happy that I remembered it. Also, when I answer customers' questions, I try to provide just the right information for each customer instead of making perfunctory replies. If a customer askes me about a good restaurant, I start by asking about his/her favorite cuisine, and then suggest some good restaurants which suit his/her taste. I enjoy offering that kind of customized service.

There are so many things to learn doing hospitality work. I'd like to grow as a hotel man and widen the range of my work.

Mr. Tajima

I do my best so that new customers will become regular customers.

The reason I chose to work as a hotel man is because I love communicating with people. For me, the wonderful thing about this job is that I can provide a great, relaxing stay for our customers by effective communication.
Front desk staff have to be flexible to match each customer's needs. Sometimes I feel uncertain, not knowing what to do. But I regard such problems as a chance to learn, and I try to enjoy everything.
My goal is to be a hotel man who can see what the guest needs and take immediate action. I'll talk to a guest who may feel lost or have no idea what to do at our hotel, so that I can remove his/her worries. I'd also like to provide appropriate service to regular guests, remembering their prior requests and preferences.
To achieve this goal, I always try to do my best, being cheerful, and hoping customers will say "it was such a nice stay here at HOTEL PARK SIDE" or "I'd like to come back again to see Mr. Tajima."

Mr. Nakashima

I'd like to create a comfortable stay by communicating with a smile.

When a customer remembers my name and face, I feel so happy to be working in the hospitality industry. My goal is to have guests say, "Hi, I'm back! How have you been?" At the front desk, I meet guests' eyes when we talk, and deliver information that the guest can easily understand. Lots of overseas tourists stay with us too, and sometimes I need to speak English. Originally I could read English, but it was difficult to understand and respond to spoken English. I always focus on what they're saying and reading their needs, watching their gestures and expressions and responding with a smile. Because when I smile at a guest, he/she smiles back to me!
This is the second hotel I've worked at, and this hotel has great teamwork, although the staff aren't too intimate or noisy. This is a great workplace where I can work comfortably. I'm glad if this great atmosphere is delivered to our guests too so that they can spend a comfortable, relaxing time at our hotel.

Ms. Koshio

My seniors are my models. I'd like to be a kind, considerate staff member.

"All the staff seem to get along well!" This impression made me want to work at this hotel. And I learned it was true after I started working here.
Currently I work at the front desk for check-in, check-out, and answering the telephone. When I use an inappropriate expression with a guest, my seniors are quick to point out my mistake. I've worked in the hospitality industry before, but after I began working here I realized there were many things I didn't know. When my seniors give me advice, I always take notes and review them later. And I never feel that I'm being scolded. I always appreciate my seniors' advice, thinking "I'm glad they're teaching me so much." In such a good atmosphere, I can feel that I'm growing. I'm so happy to work here.
My seniors working alongside me are my models. They have taught me "the important thing is to place myself in the guest's position to understand what he/she truly needs." Like my seniors, I'd like to be a considerate staff, always showing kindness.