Safe ozone deodorization and sterilization

HOTEL PARK SIDE is committed to ozone deodorization and sterilization

~We deliver cleanliness to our guests~

Many guests stay at out hotel.
HOTEL PARK SIDE is committed to ozone deodorization and sterilization so that our guests can enjoy a clean and safe space.


Ozone Air Disinfector

Name of Product:
IHI Corporation "Ozone Air Disinfector eZ-2000"

Difference between high functional air cleaner and regular air cleaner

1.Difference in concept

The concept of controlling air emphasizes 3 points: sterilization, dust collection, and deodorization, instead of just cleaning air in the broad sense.
Also, regular air cleaners are made assuming family or office use by healthy people.
On the other hand, this high functional air cleaner is made assuming use in an environment where many and unspecified people get together.

2.Difference in function

It offers dependable sterilization and absolute cleaning power for droplet infection, air infection, and contact infection.
It can sterilize and clean throughout a room, including door knobs, beds, and curtains.
*Sterilization power
*High performance in dust collection
*Complete deodorization power

Sterilizing power
It prevents infections caused by influenza virus, O-157, SARS, etc.
High performance in dust collection
Guards our guests against pollen or dust.
Works especially well for guests with hay fever.
Complete deodorization power
It eliminates various smells, including cigarette smoke.
By releasing negative ions, it increases the effects of relaxation.