Stay for business or sightseeing

From June to October, 2008, we asked guests to answer a questionnaire.
We were grateful to receive the cooperation of about 700 guests.
Overwhelmingly, guests answered that they chose to stay with us "because our hotel's location is ideal for easy access to points around the city."

About 70% of guests chose [HOTEL PARK SIDE HIROSHIMA PEACE PARK] for its excellent location.


Our hotel's name, [HOTEL PARK SIDE HIROSHIMA PEACE PARK] includes "Peace Park." That's because our hotel is located just east of the Park and its World Heritage Atomic Bomb Dome, which can be reached by foot in just three minutes. Let me tell you more about what makes our hotel so convenient.

Why is the [HOTEL PARK SIDE HIROSHIMA PEACE PARK] so convenient?

As you can see, Hiroshima is more centrally focused than many of Japan's big cities, with business districts, sightseeing spots, and government agencies located in the downtown area.


Easiest if you consult the above map.
A three minute walk west from the [HOTEL PARK SIDE HIROSHIMA PEACE PARK] brings you to Peace Park.
Additionally, to the east of the [HOTOEL PARK SIDE HIROSHIMA PEACE PARK] is Kamiyacho, Hiroshima's central business district, with both branch and head offices for a number of major and small to mid-size companies. Kamiyacho is the biggest business district in the Chugoku Region. On foot, you can reach Kamiyacho from our hotel in three minutes.
So the [HOTEL PARK SIDE HIROSHIMA PEACE PARK] serves as an excellent base for both business and sightseeing. That's the biggest advantage of the [HOTEL PARK SIDE HIROSHIMA PEACE PARK].

It's my first time, I wonder if I can find a good restaurant...

If you're visiting Hiroshima or the [HOTEL PARK SIDE HIROSHIMA PEACE PARK] for the first time, you may be wondering where you should eat.

But there's no need to worry about it.

The area around [HOTEL PARK SIDE HIROSHIMA PEACE PARK] includes many good restaurants.


How about transportation to and from the hotel?

We're sometimes asked whether, in terms of transportation from Hiroshima Station, it's more convenient to stay near the station.

And here's another advantage of [PARK SIDE HOTEL HIROSHIMA PEACE PARK].

Many of the city's major transportation systems have stops or stations in the area around the hotel.

Hiroshima is a city of street cars and buses, which are used by many local residents as well as visitors.

Among these systems, Hiroshima Electric Railway's street cars, which also offer access to Hiroshima station and Miyajima, are the most used in town.



There are 3 street car stops within a 2-3 minute walking distance of the hotel. So depending on your destination, you can choose the most convenient stop.

For example, if you're visiting Miyajima, "Kamiyacho West (Kamiyacho Nishi)" street car stop is convenient. For Hiroshima station, "Fukuromachi" and "Hondori" stops are closest.

Also, the bus departure/arrival center, "Hiroshima Bus Center" is also within 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel. If you're headed for Hiroshima Airport, you can catch a limousine bus from the Bus Center.

If you want to go to Hiroshima Shudo University or Hiroshima Big Arch Stadium, home to the local professional soccer team SANFRECCE Hiroshima, you can use the Astram Line, with a terminal just 2-3 minutes walking distance from our hotel.