1. HOTEL PARK SIDE pledges to observe Private Information Protection Law when handling our customers' personal information, which includes information about a living individual which allows identification of said individual by name, address, telephone number, fax number, E-mail address and so on.
  2. HOTEL PARK SIDE will use personal information within the scope of the following purposes except when we have the consent of the customer in advance or in cases where exceptions are defined by laws and regulations.

    We contact customers regarding the HOTEL PARK SIDE's services (by telephone, E-mail, website, or mail)
  3. We obtain each customer's personal information in an appropriate manner and announce the purposes for use of that personal information in advance or immediately upon obtaining personal information.
  4. We will make an effort to maintain accurate and updated personal information on customers within the scope of our purposes.
    Also, we will take all required and appropriate actions to maintain security for our customer's personal information.
  5. Except in the following cases, HOTEL PARK SIDE does not provide or disclose personal customer information to third parties.

    When we obtain the consent of the customer.
    When such disclosure or use is required based on court-issued warrants.
    When such disclosure or use is required by Private Information Protection Law or other relevant laws.
  6. HOTEL PARK SIDE will cater to the customer's requests for disclosure or correction of personal information, which we hold, based on relevant laws.
  7. HOTEL PARK SIDE will take immediate and appropriate actions when our customers inquire about or request us to disclose personal information which we hold.

Kazuya Takamoto
Representative Director & President

The above policy may be reviewed and revised by HOTEL PARK SIDE from time to time. All updates will appear on this page.

Contact for the HOTEL PARK SIDE's privacy policy:
TEL: +81(0)82-244-7131

Date of publishing: July, 2005
Date of revision: October, 2007