Kazuya Takamoto, Representative Director

December, 1977
Born in Hiroshima City
April, 1984
Entered Hiroshima City Fukuromachi Elementary School
April, 1990
Entered a private school, Hiroshima Shudo Junior High School
April, 1993
Entered a private school, Hiroshima Shudo High School
April, 1997
Entered Kansai Gakuin University, Department of Physics
April, 2002
Entered Nissei Information Technology Co., Ltd.
March, 2007
Left the company above
April, 2007
Started working at HOTEL PARK SIDE Corporation

Company Objectives

  1. 1 Take advantage of the hotel's ideal location and provide pleasant, affordable accommodation to our guests.
  2. 2 Merge the hardware "hotel" and the software "employees" to bring out maximum service.
  3. 3  Contribute to local society by generating employment.

For our customers' "thank you"

Because of our hotel's superb downtown location, high quality recently renovated facilities, and the hospitality of our cheerful, scrupulous staff, our hotel has received positive feedback from guests who stay with us for various purposes including business and sightseeing.
Each customer has unique needs, so we don't offer a "one-size-fits-all" service. Providing the best support or service to each customer requires clear, prompt judgments. The reason we can provide just the right information or solve problems for guests is because we always try to learn our guests' needs. This approach has brought a lot of positive feedback from our guests.
Recently, the number of overseas guests is increasing. Peace Memorial Park is nearby, and we're always thinking about how we can inform or promote peace beyond our hotel business. By exploring the town little by little, we also collect detailed local information which isn't covered by guidebooks. Some of this information is introduced on the page "Young owner's favorites in Hiroshima (トル)" and is proving popular.
All of us on the staff work hard so that our guests are satisfied with their stay, and many of them leave with the words, "Thank you!"