We introduced mattresses made by Nihon Bed Company, a pioneering mattress manufacturer in Japan.

In 1926, Nihon Bed Company was established as Japan's first bed manufacturing company. Their history thus spans 90 years. The founder was a former hotel man, and learned "the essence of hotel service = strive to offer guests a comfortable stay." He traveled to England and saw the Western life style, and began studying styles of bedding that could be adapted to Japanese sleep environments. That's how he launched this company.

The history of Nihon Bed Company can be described as "a history of commitment to sleeping comfort" Their beds give users a healthy, gentle, and comfortable night's sleep. They prioritize quality, seeking to deliver high quality sleep to as many people as possible. Why not experience for yourself a night on one of these superb mattresses?

The Silky Pocket Mattress, which is often furnished in first-class hotels.

The Silky Pocket Mattress is an ultra-high density structured mattress, using 1,200 pocket coils for a single size mattress. This is about twice the number of coils used in conventional pocket coil mattresses. The coils are made with 1.3 mm diameter wire, arranged at high density so that the springs conform to the user's body lines, allowing perfect comfort while sleeping.
This Silky Pocket Mattress has long been used in first-class Japanese hotels, guest house for VIPs from around the world, and Japanese imperial facilities.

Our hotel was the first in Hiroshima Prefecture to place Silky Pocket Mattresses in all rooms. The single room's mattress uses 1,520 pocket coils, while the double room's mattress uses 1,760 pocket coils. These ultra-high density pocket coil mattress provide our guests with a perfect night's sleep.