10F Guest rooms    
9F Guest rooms   Non-smoking floor
8F Guest rooms   Non-smoking floor
7F Guest rooms   Non-smoking floor
6F Guest rooms   Non-smoking floor
5F Guest rooms    
4F Guest rooms    
3F Guest rooms   Non-smoking floor
2F Guest rooms Free laundry room Non-smoking floor
1F Lobby, "Izakaya Dining Mizuki, Otemachi branch"
"Itoen" beverage vending machine
Free laundry room

Free laundry room (2F)

2 washing machines and 2 dryers are available.
Laundry detergent is free!
Convenient for long term or emergency needs.

drink vending machine

Vending machines (1F)

The price of drinks is discounted.
100 yen~

Izakaya Dining Mizuki, Otemachi branch (1F)

Izakaya Dining Mizuki, Otemachi branch (1F)

All you can eat and drink set plans with seasonable dishes are available from 1,980 yen. We also serve a breakfast buffet for 700 yen.

Our front desk is open 24 hours. Don't worry about coming back late.

Eco-friendly facilities

Greenhouse gas (CO2) is cut by 40% at our hotel.

Air conditioners and water heaters introduce heat pump

What's a "heat pump?"

This system moves the heat from colder spaces to warmer spaces.
It has excellent energy saving efficiency. The heat pump is driven with electric power, but it can remove 3-6 times as much heat as the consumed electric power.

Heat storage

Using excess electric power at night, the "EcoCute" system boils water and stores heat. Using this system, we realized both energy and cost savings. Also, we could reduce greenhouse gases generated from boiling water by 75%.

Fluorescent light bulbs

Fluorescent light bulbs consume less power and have a longer life than incandescent bulbs. Their energy consumption is 20-25% less than incandescents, and they produce less heat.