Getting to the hotel.

QWhich street car stop is closest to the hotel?
Hiroshima Electric Railway (Hiroshima Dentetsu)
5 minutes walk from "Kamiyacho West (Kamiyacho Nishi)"
3 minutes walk from "Hondori"
2 minutes walk from "Fukuromachi"
The closest stop is Fukuromachi. but the easiest stop to find and catch a street car is "Kamiyacho West (Kamiyacho Nishi)."
Limousine bus,Highway bus
7 minutes walk from Hiroshima Bus Center
Q"How can I get to the hotel from Hiroshima station?"

If you come by taxi, tell the driver to go to "PARK SIDE HOTEL in Otemachi."

If you come by street car, please refer to the access page of this website.

Check-in & Check-out

Q"When can I check-in?"
Guests can check-in after 3:00 p.m.
If you arrive before 3:00 p.m., we can hold your luggage.
Q"Can you hold our luggage before check-in?"
We can keep your luggage before and after check-in.
Q"When should I pay?"
We ask our guests to pay when they check-in.
Q"Can I check-in before the check-in time?"
We're sorry, but you can't check-in before the designated time.
Our check-in time is after 3:00 p.m.
Q"Can I stay past check-out time?"
Depending on the reservations for that day, we may be unable to accept requests to stay longer.
Until 11:00 a.m. -- Free
Until 12:00 -- +1,000 yen
Until 2:00 p.m.-- +2,000 yen
If you stay after 2:00 p.m. we will charge you for a night's stay.
Q"Can I check-out of the hotel early in the morning?"
Our front desk is staffed 24 hours a day. You can check-out anytime.
Q"Can I use a credit card?"
We accept a variety of credit cards, including VISA and JCB.

Neighbourhood around the hotel

Q"Is there an Okonomiyaki restaurant you recommend near the hotel?"
We recommend "HAZEYA," which our staff also often go to, a 5-6 minute walk from the hotel.
HAZEYA is open until 9:00 p.m.
Please ask for a map at the front desk to go to this restaurant.
Q"Is there a convenience store near the hotel?"
There's a LAWSON convenience store 2 minutes walk from the hotel, and SEVEN-ELEVEN, Family Mart and Daily Yamazaki are all within 3 minutes walking distance.
Q"Is there a restaurant near the hotel?"
There are many restaurants within walking distance of our hotel.
Maps of the hotel's neighbourhood are available in the lobby. Please feel free to take a copy.


Q"If we stay as a group, can we all stay on the same floor?"

There aren't many rooms on each floor. But we'll do our best to meet your requests as far as we can. If you make such requests in advance, it would be helpful in assuring that your rooms are on the same floor.
Q"If we stay for a couple of nights, can we use the same room?"
We'll offer you a single room for the duration of your stay.
However, in rare instances we may be unable to meet such requests.
Q"Is there a non-smoking room?"
We have both non-smoking floors and non-smoking rooms.
Please let us know your preference with regard to smoking when you make a reservation.
The non-smoking floors are the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 9th floors.
Q"How do I operate the air conditioner?"

Air conditioner control panel
There's an air conditioner control panel next to the bed.
You can use it to freely control air temperature, flow volume, and direction.
Q"Where is the hair dryer?"
It's on the shelf near the desk.
Q"Is there a bathtub?"
Each room has a unit bath.
Q"What kind of amenity goods are available?"

Each room includes;
a toothbrush, comb, razor, shampoo (SHISEIDO brand "MACHERIE"), conditioner (SHISEIDO brand "MACHERIE"), body soap, bath towel, face towel, bath mattress, Japanese green tea (Itoen brand), and a hair dryer

At the front desk on the first floor, we have the following items for free;
Bar soap, shower cap, face wash cream, shaving cream, body towel, cotton set (cotton & Q-tips)

There are also many charged amenity goods.

Q"Is there an extra bed?"
We don't have an extra-bed.
After we remodeled the rooms, we introduced semi-double beds to our twin rooms.
2 guests can sleep on one semi-double bed, so up to 4 guests can stay in a twin room.
It would be best for family use.
Q"Can I access the internet?"

The HOTEL PARK SIDE offers free high speed internet.
To use the internet, please follow the procedures below.

1) Connect the LAN cable to your PC (You can borrow a LAN cable for free at the front desk on the first floor).
2) Put the LAN cable into the LAN jack at the desk.
3) You should now be able to use the internet.

Q"Is there a refrigerator in the room?"
All rooms are equipped with a refrigerator. So, you can bring your beverages including alcohol and juice to your room and cool them in the fridge.
However, please do not bring those drinks into the restaurant.
Q"How can I keep my valuables safe?"
We can hold your valuables at the front desk.
We'll pass you a receipt ticket and return your valuables in exchange for the ticket.
Please make sure not to lose your ticket.
Q"Is there a room with a separate bathroom and a toilet?"
We have no such rooms.
All the rooms have both bathroom and toilet, but it's a unit bath type.
Q"Is the toilet Japanese style or Western style?"

Bathroom and toilet
All of our toilets are Western style.
Q"Is there a Japanese room?"
We're sorry, we only have Western style rooms.
Q"Is there a room which a family can use altogether?"
We recommend a twin room with two semi-double beds for a family or group.
Up to 4 guests can stay in these rooms.
If you'd like to sleep in the same bed with your child, please don't hesitate to ask about it before making a reservation.
Q"Is your hotel barrier-free?"
It's possible to move around in the hotel with a wheelchair. But we're afraid that we don't have a complete barrier-free room. So if you stay at our hotel, we'll support your stay. Please don't hesitate to tell our staff to help you when you need it.
Q"I can't remove the key from the keyhole..."

To open the room door, put the key in the hole and turn it.
When you remove the key from the hole, turn it back to the vertical position.
Q"How can I use the shower?"
There is a knob on the faucet in the bathroom.
With this knob, you can choose shower or faucet.
First adjust the temperature, blending hot and cold water. Then pull the knob to let water flow from the showerhead.
Push the knob down to let water flow from the faucet.
Q"Is there a water-boiling device in the room?"

Electric kettle
There is an electric kettle in the room.
You can boil up to 1.2 leters at a time.
Press the blue button to turn it on. When it's on, the red light illuminates.
Q"Are there any Q-tips?"
Q-tips are available for free at the front desk. They are included in the cotton set. So, please get this cotton set.
Q"Is there an air refresher?"

Air refresher "Resesh"
Air refresher "Resesh" is available at the front desk.
Please ask the staff for it.


Q"Do you have parking?"
There are 3 spaces in front of the hotel and more spaces in contracted parking lots.
You can use a parking space for 1,200 yen per night (3:00 p.m. through 10:00 a.m. next day).
During Golden Week (Japanese holiday week. It usually starts at the end of April and ends on May 5th), your parking space will be available after 5:00 p.m. If you drive to our hotel, please make sure to call us to reserve a parking space in advance.

Contracted parking

Park Hills Otemachi Parking
Your parking space will be in front of the hotel, if available. But these three spaces are given on a first-come-first-served basis. If the parking spaces in front of the hotel are full, we will ask you to park your car at the contracted parking.

Q"From what time can I park my car at the hotel parking?"
You can park your car from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. the next day for 1,200 yen.
During Golden Week (Japanese holiday week. It usually starts at the end of April and ends on May 5th), your parking space will be available after 5:00 p.m.
Q"If I stay at the hotel for a couple of nights, what should I do about parking?"
If you stay at the hotel more than one night, you can park the car at our parking during the day (after 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ) for an additional 1,000 yen per day. It's very cheap compared to other public parking fees. However, the fee may vary depending on your car type and parking space. So, please don't hesitate to ask us about the fee when you make a reservation.
Q"Do I have to reserve the parking space?"
You need to make a reservation for your parking space. If you haven't reserved a parking space but there is a space available, you can park there. But we can't guarantee such availability.
Q"Until when can I park my car at the hotel parking after checking out?"

If there is a parking space available after checking out, you can keep your car there by paying an extra fee.
Parking in front of our hotel
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. >> 1,000 yen

Park Hills Otemachi Parking (contracted parking)
150 yen/30 minutes

Q"Is there a height limit for parking a car?"

It varies depending on the parking as below;

Parking in front of our hotel
Height limit: 2.8 meters Length limit: 6 meters

Park Hills Otemachi Parking
Height limit: 1.55 meters Width limit: 1.85 meters

Q"Is there a space for a wheelchair?"
We have a parking space for cars with a wheelchair. However, please make sure to make a reservation for such a space as soon as possible. We will allocate the parking on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Q"From when will be a cancellation fee be charged?"
If you cancel a reservation by the previous day, we don't charge a cancellation fee.
Please refer to the detailed cancellation policy.
Q"How long in advance can I make a reservation?"
We will accept your reservation by phone anytime.
If you make a reservation online, basically you can make reservations 3 months in advance.
Q"At what age do you charge for children to stay?"
You can shere a bed with your child. If your child is younger than elementary school-age, he or she can stay for free.
Q"At what age do you charge for children to stay?"
We charge for children who are elementary school-age and above.


Q"I'm going out for dinner, and will return to the hotel late at night. Is that OK?"
Our front desk is open 24 hours a day.
Please enjoy your dinner without worrying about the time.
Q"I'm planning to stay at the hotel for a couple of nights. Is there a laundry machine available?"

Free laundry machine
We have free laundry machines which are available from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
The laundry room is on the left side when you exit the elevator on the 2nd floor.
Of course, laundry detergent is available for free.
Q"Can I pre-pay the fee? Or can you issue an invoice so that I can pay later after I go back home?"
Prepayment is possible. If you contact us in advance, we'll send you an invoice.
We don't accept later payments for reservations made online.
However, if your company is contracted with our hotel for later-day payment, we'll accept it.
For details, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Q"Is there a meeting room?"
We're sorry but we don't have a meeting room.
Q"Do you have a shuttle bus to your hotel?"
We're sorry but we don't have a shuttle bus.
Please refer to the "Access" page for how to get to our hotel from JR Hiroshima station or the Hiroshima Bus Center.
Q"Sending a fax"
We can send a fax for you (200 yen/10 pages & 1 fax number).
Receiving a fax is free. So if someone is sending a fax to you, please tell the sender to write the recipient's name clearly.
Q"Is there an ice machine?"
It's on the 5th floor.
Ice and cups for ice are available for free.
Q"Do you rent strollers?"
We're sorry, but we don't have strollers.
Q"Can we borrow pajamas for a child?"
We're sorry to say we don't have childrens pajamas.
However, we can furnish extra towels for your child. So please let us know if you will bring a child with you when you make a reservation.
Q"I'd like to have hot water to make baby's formula."
We can prepare hot water for you. Please ask the staff at the front desk to prepare it.
Also, our rooms are equipped with electric kettles.
Q"Can I stay with my pet?"
We're sorry but we can't allow pets to stay in our rooms.
We also cannot keep your pet for you.
However, if it's a guide/service dog, you can keep your dog in your room. In such cases, please let us know when you make a reservation.
Q"Can you arrange a massage service for me?"
We can arrange a massage for you until midnight (From 4,300 yen/40 minutes).
Q"Is there a place where I can withdraw money?"
There are ATMs at the convenience stores around our hotel.
Q"Can I send parcels from the hotel?"
Yamato Transport (courier) is available. At the front desk, we can collect your parcel and show the delivery fee.
Q"Can I send parcels to the hotel?"

If you let us know in advance that you are going to send a parcel to our hotel, we can accept the parcel (except for valuables or dangerous/hazardous goods) and keep them until you check in.
Please make sure to write the name of the guest and dates of stay on the parcel and send it to the following address.

<<Name of guest>>
<<Dates of stay>>
2-6-24 Otemachi, Nakaku, Hiroshima, 730-0051

Q"Can I stay with a guide/service dog?"
You can stay and use all facilities (including our restaurant) with a guide/service dog.
However, if you will bring a guide/service dog, please let us know when you make a reservation.
Q"What kinds of items can I borrow?"

If you'd like to use the following items, please tell the staff at the front desk.

Humidifier/ice pack/iron/ironing board/bottle opener/trouser press/hanger/blanket etc.

Q"Can I bring food or drink into my room?"
You can't bring food or drink into our restaurant. But you can freely bring them into your room.
Q"Can I get a newspaper?"
We sell local newspapers, Nikkei newspaper, etc. at the front desk on the first floor. If you tell the staff at the front desk, we'll deliver it to your room.
Q"Do you rent wheelchairs?"
I'm sorry but we don't rent wheelchairs.
Q"What kind of services do you offer?"
We offer the following services. Please tell the staff at the front desk if you'd like to use these services.
Massage/parcel delivery/introducing rent-a-car company/selling a one-day streetcar pass/copying and sending faxes (charged)/morning call
Q"Is there a public bath near the hotel?"

The closest public bath, "Dobashi-yu," is within 10 minutes walking distance.

The large public bath "Ujina, Natural Hotspring, Honoyu" is a 30 minute streetcar ride/15 minute drive.

For other public bath information, please click here.

Other information on public baths in Hiroshima, here