Breakfast buffet for only 650 yen per person

Down in our restaurant "Umizuki," a delicious breakfast and welcoming smile awaits guests each morning.
"Nirenoki Farm's Yoshimune's Eggs" are laid by Japanese "Momiji" breed chickens at Nirenoki Farm (trading name: Yuu Shokuhin). The yolks are larger than ordinary eggs, with a rich, sweet flavor that comes from their special blend of feed, which includes seaweed.
Our breakfast buffet features a varied menu, including 7-8 dishes, rice, bread, fruit, seaweed (nori), Japanese pickles, miso soup, fresh eggs, etc.


Recently we often hear the phrase "the brain's golden time," which refers to the morning hours, the time when the brain is fresh and productive.
In order to maximize brainpower, our brains need a rich and nutritious breakfast.
At HOTEL PARK SIDE, guests enjoy a balanced breakfast made according to the Food Pyramid recommended by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

We select our ingredients carefully

We prepare a varied menu using carefully selected ingredients. We aim to please all our guests, from children to adults, with both our Japanese and Western style buffet breakfasts.